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H2O Swingmaster DPOS12:
Exceptionally stable poster holders ideal for all locations.
  xl class scrolling light box    
stormforce forecourt signs  
XL Flexi-A-Board Ref:DPOS11
Class scrolling light box,
available in A0, A1, A2
or custom size option.
vinyl banners
digital posters
folding displays
A1 size for pavement use, larger sizes great for forecourts.
Using springs to deflect wind, wheels for easy transport
and a base which can be water filled or sand filled.
Easy-change aluminium snap frames with protective covers.
A1 weighs 23 kilos with empty base. Up to 60 kilos when filled.
XL Flexi-A-Board:
Hi tech electronically controlled eye catching effect,
automatic multi-ad scrolling light box. The XL can hold up
to 8 posters with a smooth scrolling rotation. Outdoor or
indoor useage, with built in illumination.
ad-chair grip frames  
point of sale
literature stands
Switch Swing Ref:DPOS37
Our new collection of pavement signs
further enhances our extensive outdoor display range.
functional, practical and easy to assemble,
the 'swing' range offers five alternatives
to deliver your message to the high street.
Grip Frames:
Gripframes offer a simple way to display your posters.
Easily loaded, available in aluminium or PVC frames
in black, grey or white. Standard 'A' sizes from A4 - A0,
Custom sizes also available tailored to your needs.
We have a wide range of frames from simple to secure
anti-tamper security grip frames with locking systems.
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